IMG Here you may gain some cards by doing a small sideline.

  I. Badges
Create badges (size: 190 x 80 pixel; *.gif, max. 30 kb). Everybody is allowed to create 10 badges but for each grade just one. The badge has to include the level and its color.
Payment: 1-2 random cards Already created 0

  II. Angels
Draw one of our angels looking exactly like his doll (save the pose of course).
Payment: 2-4 random cards
You may only carry that out every second day
Picture (max 500/40)


  III. Card deck
Make a card deck. You may create one all four weeks. If it will be added to our collection, you'll get a wishcard, too.

  • You didn't submit this card deck for a TCG contest.
  • The card deck doesn't already exist.
  • It isn't a card deck for one of our angels.
  • It isn't a puzzle.
  • A card deck has 10 cards and 2 master cards.
  • The cards are as big as the templates (52*70 px or 104*70 px), *.gif format and not animated.
  • The title is 2 letters long and doesn't already exist.
  • All cards have a border.
  • The master cards have the same border as the cards.
  • The font is readable.
  • The pictures are of good quality and haven't a white background.
Check card deck title
Payment: 3 random cards
Name of your card deck
01 02
03 04
05 06
07 08
09 10
01 02

*.gif, card size