IMG Hi. It's me, Muerta. I want to show you the rules of TCG. Even if you have played Trading Card games before or are still playing, please read the whole manual, because it's a bit different from other TCGs.

What is a TCG?
'TCG' stands for 'Trading Card Game' and means that you collect cards on the web and trade them with others to get several sets.

The Cardsets
Each set is made up of 10, each puzzles of 15 cards, you may collect. First you're only allowed to collect three sets at the same time, otherwise you weren't able to cemplete them all, because if you got too much sets it's getting tricky. But if you completed one set and swapped it for a mastercard, you may begin a new one. You'll get 25 EC and 1 random card for every completed set and 25 EC and 2 random cards for the puzzles.

If you forage on sites of other members, you may find cards you want to get traded. Klick down on the Site on 'Submit Trade' an follow the instructions. When you've done the sumit, your trading-partner can see it in his/her Head Quarter and may accept or reject it. If you have changed your mind during this time, you may cancel the trade in your Head Quarter.

Getting cards
The cards you recieved at the beginning don't suffice to get a whole set, you'll need more cards. You can get them by playing several games, joining contests, buying some cards in the shop or doing sidelines.

If you don't check your trading requests for more than three months you will loose your account.
So be sure that your account is inactive if you can't log in for a few time. You will find a function in your headquarter.