Welcome to the Pet's Heaven!

...a mix of Online-school, Neopets, Trading and role-play and of course with the highly regarded riddles from the newspaper. All this hopefully garnished with lots of fun and fairness! IMG

The Sense of this Game is, to teach your pet in fortune, creativity, intelligence and force. For this purpose a certain discipline is needed.
It concerns the following

About Items
There are several items in several categories. Those, you need to collect to increase the fortune of your pet Then the brushes which you can use to give your pet a new look. There are several items you'll need for the Fairy-Quests, because even here it means collecting items, and arming for fighting in the arena. You'll gain these items by playing games or joining contests and trading them. Search a little bit and you will see.

About Trading
When joined the Pets Heaven, you'll already have some items in your equipment. You can keep them or directly try to trade them. Therefore you may arrange something with your trading partner or go like a bull at a gate. If you find something in a chamber you may click on 'Trading Request' and follow the instructions. When you made your proposal, your Trading-Partner can see it in his/her Pets-Heaven-Central and may accept or reject it. If you changed your mind during this time, you can cancel the trade in your Central. If you offered an Item for a trade, you cannot use it until the trade is done or rejected.Which item is useable for what, you may learn from the particular site.

Faerie Quests
From time to time you may find letters which will build fairy passwords if you put them in the right way. Each fairy has her own Quest which she will ask you when you give her the right passwords. The Passwords of the Fire, Water, Earth, Light an Dark Fairy are six letters long, the Fairy Queen's Password is about 13 letters. The letters are numbered, so you won't by accident use them twice. When received a letter, you should put it in the right place of your Fairy-Notice in your Central. But the sequence in which you get the letters isn't the sequence of letters in the password. You will have to riddle a little bit. When found a password, you may enter it in the menu and step inside to the Fairy. She will give you a Quest as soon as you have collected her Items.
Faerie Honours
Your earnings in fortune, creativity, intelligence and force will be booked to your pet. When you have checked in which two pets, you have to decide, which of them should receive the respective pay.