IMG Welcome! My name is Marina and I want to present you a very nice cardgame: Solitaire.


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You may roll the dices for three times to get as many points as you can. Try to reach the following possibilities:
The aim of the game is to order all cards on four packs, which you will see at the top in the right cornor. The ordered pack of cards begins with an Ace, followed by two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, jack, queen and king. The symbols (spades, clubs, hearts, diamonds) have to be grade in their packs. And to make it more difficult, the cards are hidden under the others which you have to dig out. You can find them by moving the cards. But you can only pull it to an other card, which has a smaller number and a diffirent color (black seven too red aight). When you want scroll one card, click on the card which you want move and then on the place, where you want to scroll to. To move a whole pack, click on the highest card and then click on the place where you want to scroll to. At the top on the left, you will find the rest of the cards. You need them for discovering the hidden cards. If you have seen every card on the pack, you can start to see it again, but you have to pay ten points then.

If you win you get your points / 10 EC for three times a day.