IMG Hi I'm Jennifer. If you are brave enough you may callenge my friends Nancy and Lisa.

Players begin by rolling six dice. Each turn, you must select one or more dice to remove and be placed in the scoring pool. Once you have kept at least one die, the choice of re-rolling the remaining dice becomes available. If you re-roll the dice, you must keep at least one die before being able to re-roll again. In essence, you choose one or more dice to keep each round until no dice remain.

In order for your final score to count, you must also fill the qualification requirements. These can be met by selecting to keep a 1 and a 4 at some point during the game. As you'll see, the first 1 and 4 you select to keep automatically go toward the qualifiers.

If the player goes through all the dice, and is unable to keep a 1 and 4 before the end, that player is disqualified and loses.

If the player does fill the 1 and 4 requirements, the remaining four dice are added together to form that player's score. Which ever player has the highest score is the winner.
Stake: 5 EC (three times a day)