IMG Hi, I'm Priscilla and I want to invite
you to Yahtzee.


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You may roll the dices for three times to get as many points as you can. Try to reach the following possibilities:
Field Kind Points Field Kind Points
Ones All ones's Sum of ones's Three of a kind At least three same valus Sum of all dices
Twos All two's Sum of two's Four of a kind At least four same values Sum of all dices
Threes All three's Sum of three's Full House 2 and 3 same values 25
Fours All four's Sum of four's Small straight 1-4, 2-5 or 3-6 30
Fives All five's Sum of five's Large straight 1-5 or 2-6 40
Sixes All six's Sum of six's Yahtzee 5 same values 50
      Chance All dices Sum of all dices
For more than one Yahtzee you'll get 100 points. If you reach more than 63 points for the ones till sixes, you'll get a bonus of 35 points.
If you don't reach anything you have to choose an empty fiels to get 0 points. The game ends when all fields are taken.
A game costs nothing. You can play as many times as you want, but I will only pay your points divided by 6 for your first 3 games.