Welcome to Cloud City


...where angels meet!

  Card of the city

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  • There are 9 of 136 realties fore sale.
  • There are 12 of 55 shop realties for sale.
  • There are 24 of 26 guild realties for sale.
  • You can plant 19 out of 76 plants.

  Environment   Footpaths
IMG Grass IMG Unfortified foodpath
IMG Mountains IMG Asphalt
IMG Water    
IMG Clouds    

IMG Buy a realty and build a house.
IMG Buy a realty for your shop.
IMG Buy a house for your guild.
IMG Plant a plant.
IMG Link form the pages to the city.

For building or plantig move to the house or plant, so that you can read the information.

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You may also walk whis these keys.