Nice to meet you! My name is Juana and I'd like to introduce you to some rules. Please read them attentively, because I don't want to explain them to everyone apart. If you break the rules, you have to bargain for some punishment. Remember, it's just a game =) IMG


  • Read the tasks exactly and observe the text in brackets because you will fail if you don't. You will pass, even if you aren't able to paint or to write greatly.

  • Just send images and stories that you drew or wrote by yourself. If I find out that something is stolen, I boot you out and you'll never be allowed to join the Angel Academy again.

  • You have got to do one exam every two months. If you don't, I'll delete your character because I will not know if you're still interested in the Angel Academy.

  • The tests will directly insert on your page. Please check the inputs before you submit.

  • You can submit one exam a day.


  • Take a look at the exams before you join in the Angel Academy, as it is possible you dislike it, so that it will be unnecessary to get registered.

  • You can only be registered once and if I find out that you have more than one character, I will delete them both.

  • Insert your right email address as you have to acknowledge a link. Your email address will not appear on your page.


  • The information the dolls give you on several sides. They are short and don't take a lot of time but they tell you a lot.

  • Please send your images (which you, of course, drew by yourself) and stories only once! Not twice or three times, etc. For example, it is not allowed to use an image for both an exam and a job!

  • Be nice to all the other pupils, do not insult anybody and be tolerant with every single person of this page.