IMG Instruction for guild administrators

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I. Foundation

If you want to found a guild, you need two members who want to join before the guild can become active. The members can apply for a position on the guilds main site. You have to accept them in the administration area, which you can find in your user menu. If you accepted both members, you may activate your guild.

II. Positions

  1. Administrator The founder has all following rights and can administrate the member positions.

  2. Cashier The cashier manages the cash-box and updates the costs of the spended items for the guild shop. He can tranfer money for buying new items for the guild and donate items and EC to members. So pay attention! Be careful you only give a member the cashier rights you can really trust!

  3. Layout Manager The layout manager can design the guilds layout and upload the guild logo.

  4. Webmaster The webmaster can edit the guilds pages and update the topics. He can also update the guilds description.

The positions 6 to 10 are for the guild members. A new member starts at position 10 and can climb up to position 6.

III. Administration rights

The founder can give the members from position 2 to 5 all rights which are described above.