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In our library you will find all information about angels you need during your education. What are angels, archangels and guardian angels in detail, who is Lucifer and why do fallen angels exist? This and more you will learn here.

  • Angels » About angels, lexicon definition, angels in the bible.
  • Archangels » About archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Holidays in honour of archangel Michael.
  • Guardian angels » About guardian angels, guardian angels in the bible.
  • Lucifer » About Lucifer, Lucifers way around the bible, The fall, Abridgement of the Quran 38. Sad: Sad.
  • Angel's war » About the war of angels, what bible tells about this fight, Revelation 12.
  • Fallen angels » About fallen angels, The fallen watchers.
  • Hierarchy » About the hierarchy of angels, the meaning of the choirs, first Sphere, second Sphere, third Sphere.