Virtue Academy

'New frienship' written for the 9th exam..

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 quincey Virtue Academy
Quincey leaned down, pet the head of small kitten that stumbled blearily over to him. A new one, and it’s tiny mewl sent a smile beaming on his face. He liked his job here, taking care of the lost pets as they awaited their masters return. It clawed at his legs, eyes wide and his feathers rumpled at the pricks of pain it’s tiny nails caused.

He leaned down, taking the absolutely tiny animal into his hands, holding it close to his chest and the creature instantly began purring, rubbing it’s head under his chin before settling against the crook of his neck.

“Soft child…” Quincey murmured out with a smile, petting it’s soft fur and the presence of another announced itself behind him. A soft clear of throat and Quincey turned to face a fellow angel - not of his variety, that is.

Where as Quincey guarded over pets who passed long before their owners, this one appeared of a fantastical nature. Whimsical clothes and a style of hair and kept feathers that had him picturing something - ethereal, out of this world. He tilted his head at the other, inclining a small bow in acknowledgement and waited for the angel to speak it’s business.

“You are Quincey?” The angel asked, and they had a pleasant voice. Bright and chipper. A dichotomy to Quincey’s more subdued - it wouldn’t do to frighten the animals with anything else - and he smiled at the other.

“That would be me, you are?”



Akita just grinned at him, and Quincey shifted his feet. “And your business here is?” Quincey prodded, and Akita shrugged.

“Oh, yes - well. See, I have a job like yours - ‘cept I take care of the more mythical critters and one of them won’t stop whining - why won’t he stop? - so I thought, oh! A fellow ‘zookeeper’ would be useful, but everyone else is out right now and I was told you’re a pretty chill fellow, unlike me, as you can see,” and Quincey did see, they were a never ending flow of words, “so I thought I can help you out with your duty if you help me out with mine!”

Quincey blinked, and Akita beamed a megawatt smile.

“Oh… Uhm,” Quincey looked back to the kitten, then back to Akita’s cheerful grin. Something about them was pleasant - and Quincey’s job here wasn’t the most exciting at times.

“I’d rather you not help me here… But, I wouldn’t mind helping you. Just give me a moment to square away my animals.”

Akita instantly brightened up, jumping on the balls of their feet and nodding their head fast. “Oh, that’s just perfect! I’m so excited for this you have no idea the baby dragon is just such a whiner at times but maybe a softer touch is just what he needs don’t you think?”

Quincey just nodded, and let the thrum of Akita’s ranting fade away as he put all his current charges to rest.