Virtue Academy

Parables written for the 4th exam.

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 quincey Virtue Academy
The sky was a clear azure, deep and rich without a speck of white. The grass rolled with a breeze down the hill: one of many, each littered with flowers showing their delicate little faces to the afternoon sun. It is, of course, only here where we can find such a creature whose beauty can rival that of its setting. I am, indubitably, talking about the angel, through whom work the hands of God. And it is here where we can find one such creature, seemingly doing nothing but enjoying a fine summer day. “Seemingly” being the key word here as these bees of the clouds are never truly at rest.
This one is currently performing one of his more menial tasks. He is watching all the eternally patient animals waiting for their owners to join them in the afterlife; principality of unclaimed animals, they call him. Luckily for us he doesn't have a war to fight or a child to save, right now he is simply enjoying his afternoon and letting his critters roam free across the plains. The dogs played amongst themselves, rolling in the grass straight into a herd of hamsters. They scattered in every direction, running through the legs of an infinity of different animals, big small, red blue, four legged and no legged and everything in between.
It's these joyful creatures that our angel watches over; for he has this painful job. He watches as they come and go and no matter how hard he tries he cannot help but shed a tear every time a starving puppy appears in his lap, every time an old cat opens it's tired eyes to meet his own. Yet still he sheds a different kind of tear every time he watches a bird fly to the shoulder of someone fresh through those pearly gates, the smiles that grace children, all grown up as they reunite with their childhood friends. It's a painful job, and he wouldn't trade it for the world.