Archangel Academy

'Meeting with an angel' written for the 9th exam.

  2 to 2 out of 2 Stories  

 quincey Archangel Academy
I was crying when I first saw her. Well, saw isn’t really the term. I was questioning my sanity as I watched her humanoid(-ish) figure descend into my room through the blurry filter my tears caused. Her natural light piercing my retinas didn’t help either. I already suffered through an abnormally shitty day, some glowing chick with wings wasn’t really phasing me. But still, I had to give her credit, her entrance was about as flashy as you could get, heavenly light and hovering above cotton-candy clouds, it was just her audience not putting out.
She didn’t say anything; I didn’t want her to. I didn’t tell her what was wrong, she already knew. I was thankful for that; it was nice to not have to explain myself for once. It was nice to be understood. She plopped down next to me, strangely human in her movements. Draping an arm around my shoulders she tucked my head under her neck. I wasn’t afraid of ruining her shirt (robe thing?) and I knew she wouldn’t mind either way. I wasn’t afraid of going all out, yelling, cursing, sobbing, pounding, gripping her shirt. I knew she wound understand, she would accept it, she would accept me.
She didn’t say anything after either. We sat there for hours, minutes, days I don’t know. I didn’t care. I needed her and she stayed. She stayed. Whether she stayed for me or for her job or simply because she had nothing better to do, she stayed. But I knew she couldn’t forever. Neither could I. We had both overstayed our welcome, we had to say goodbye. So I watched her walk (fly?) away. Watched as her form got smaller and smaller until finally, I was alone. And alone I got up and went to prepare for the next day ahead.

 Alara Archangel Academy
Perfidiously mountains

At that time we went to the Alps to mountaineering, at last we wanted to fly at higher game. We, this were Laura, Maria, Claudia and me. Our aim was to reach the maintain peak in three days, and so we went the first miles of good cheer. We arrived late in the evening and so we put up our tents soon, so that we could mountaineer the Alps with all of our strength next day. It was a silent night under stars.
The next morning we hurried up. After a little breakfast we have packed up our things and went along. But the way draged on and soon we had to realize that it’s longer than we had budgeted and that we couldn’t make it in three days. “Look at this. Looks like a short cut.” Maria told.”No, that is too cliffy!” Laura answered, but Claudia and me did it also want, and so we went on to the small path on the mountainside. It was very stressful. The beginning was acceptable but as long we went along as smaller and more dangerous the way became. “Let’s go back!” Laura cried, but nobody wanted. Maria was the first who set a foot on the very small path. The others followed. “Slowly, it is just a short part on our way. Look, when we are there, we have made it!”
As we reached the half of the path, the rocks suddenly brook under my feet and I fell. The mountains pulled me into the deepness. I didn’t know, what happened, but I heard the screaming of the others.
As I opened my eyes, I felt a warm aura next to me. It was the angel of death and he smiled at me.