Pet's Heaven Quest

The flood.

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 Edward Clower
Noah, can you see
How my heart is in grief
Everyone is a murderer, liar, or thief.

Only you have stayed true
In all you pursue
But the rest all must die for the things they do.

Build a boat, Noah, build an ark!
I am going to bring the rain!
Bring your sons and your family.
Let me save you from this pain.

The end of mankind is at hand,
because the Earth is filled with violence due to them.
So now I must destroy
Every girl, every boy.
Noah I repent that I made men.

Noah obeyed and for a hundred years
he built the ark with his own hands.
He gathered two of every beast and bird,
Then the rain covered the land.

Forty days the rain fell on the land
and all remaining life was gone.
Then they all waited patiently
until the waters had moved on.

And as they stood on solid ground
the LORD swore by His name
and made the rainbow to show that He
would never flood the Earth again.