Pet's Heaven Quest

Bibical interpratations.

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 Edward Clower
Wisdom is personified in this story. The author is trying to say that Wisdom is not an inaccessible trait. It can be gained by anyone who is willing to search for it. Wisdom metaphorically sets out a banquet and invites anyone who is willing to partake to come and grow wise.

He goes on to say that there is little use in trying to make someone wise who is not interest in gaining wisdom. If you try to teach something to someone who wants to learn, such a one will embrace it and be glad for the lesson. And the first step toward being wise is the understanding of one\\\\\\\'s relationship with the Creator.

In the final section, the writer explains that Foolishness is also easy to get. Stolen waters are sweet refers to the enjoyment of illicit activity. Getting something for nothing, or on the sly, has a pleasure to it beyond just the item itself. But in the end, there are always consequences to such illicit activity. And taken to their natural conclusions, the foolish, who do not acknowledge their Creator, are doomed to eternal separation from Him.