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Life sense.

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 Edward Clower
I am a Believer. I have made a careful study of the world around me and after much consideration my first decision on the topic was that people do not exist by accident. Consider the following: I take a large cardboard box to a large pile of random electronics. I scoop up a box full of parts, then close the box and shake it up. When I open the box, will I find a working television set? What if I repeat the experiment a Billion times? A Billion Billion times? No. It is too complex a system to be assembled by random operation. Much more true for humans and all other forms of life on Earth.

Having reached this conclusion, next I needed to assess the many belief systems. I immediately ruled out any that had a Higher Power that was uninterested in humanity, because there was little point in acknowledging one in that case, and even less of a point in ever creating life in the first place.

Next, I eliminated any religion in which there was no Afterlife. Because, again, if there are no consequences for actions, then there is no point in following a religion.

Next, I eliminated any that required humanity to meet a standard of behavior to attain the positive Afterlife. Because if a mistake in judgement before coming to a knowledge of the belief system still eliminates me from positive Afterlife, then there is again no point in pursuing it.

Finally, I eliminated any that did not include the concept of unearned forgiveness. Because if there is no forgiveness, then the Deity is incapable of positive emotion toward humanity, and who wants to spend eternity with that?