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 Edward Clower
Life on Earth is threatened right now, by change in the global climate due to atmospheric composition changes. Human manufacturing process, transportation methods, and disposal of waste products have caused an increase on carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of the Earth. If something is not done to change this trend, the median temperature of the Earth\'s atmosphere will continue to rise. This, in turn, will cause melting of polar ice caps, modification of established weather patterns, and potential rifts in the outer layer of the atmosphere that protects the Earth from harmful radiation from the Sun.

To correct this, humans need to curtail their use of \"fossil fuels\", invest in modes of transportation that do not produce so much carbon dioxide, and put more thought into the materials they use to manufacture their goods. If this is done, they may be able to reverse the trend.

My view is that this was largely foreseen by the prophets of the Bible, including St. john on the island of Patmos. It doesn\'t mean that humans shouldn\'t try to make things better, but it does indicate that they probably won\'t.