Pet's Heaven Quest

Proofs of Gods existence.

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 Edward Clower
I definitely believe in God. The reason is Math. Even at my most cynical, I looked at the world around me and tried to comprehend how this much order and structure could come about by a random explosion. And if I could wrap my head around the idea of an infinite number of explosions, and an infinite subset number of those stabilized into a Universe that held together, and an infinite sub-subset of those stable Universes produced life that matured over time into humanity, it would still take more faith to believe in those kind of odds than a Creator. It takes a pretty massive leap of faith just to believe in the concept of infinity. It seems that a non-created Universe would be similar to me walking out to a pile of electronics, scooping up some in a box, shaking them up, and then opening the box to find a working television set with a Blu-Ray Player attached. I could go out to that pile of electronics a billion billion times, and we both know that I am never going to open the box and find a working television in it.