Virtue Academy

'The war of angels' written for the 6th exam.

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 quincey Virtue Academy
They say War is kind/
I never understood that/
How could the trenches and running and being confined/
To tanks and marching rows, possibly be more select/
Than my huskies and parrots and my lovely persian cats/

They say war is necessary/
I guess I can see how that is true/
Sometimes you must free yourself, you must be revolutionary/
But as I launched another spell and watched it corkscrew/
I broke through my haze and felt my heart break through/

I see now finally/
The face of the creature we call War/
For we are not fighting the soldiers, I’ve fought through that binary/
And we are not fighting their commanders, not Micheal not Lucifer nor anyone from our folklore/
I now see who we fight, and it saddens me to my core/

No for we fight our own humans/
I see this now/
They're selfishness their anger their sin all-consuming/
But the fault is ours, we abused and misused and we thought ourselves so highbrow/
So to remedy our mistake here we will fight and protect, this we vow.