Adventures of our pets.

  2 to 2 out of 2 Poetries  

 Edward Clower
Enoch is a Bruce,
a happy one is he.
He is a bird, but you will never
Find him in a tree.

If he is the early bird
a worm is not his wish.
Enoch would really rather have
a tasty, juicy fish!

And though a bird you\'ll never see him
high up in the sky.
But Enoch swims as fast as any
other bird can fly.

Any Bruce will tell you
they are no ordinary bird.
But Enoch is the best of all
on that you have my word.

 Edward Clower
Enoch was Methuselah\\\'s Dad,
or so you may have heard.
He is the man who never died
He simply disappeared.
It happened as he walked with God.
Perhaps he volunteered.
He and God were very close friends
for all of Enoch\\\'s 365 years.

They say Enoch was a prophet
who spoke the word of the Lord.
He battled evil with his words
instead of shield and sword.
And though he was not very large
it seemed as if he roared
as he told the people to repent
and live their lives in peace and one accord.

But then one day God told Enoch
He had a master plan.
He decided to wipe the slate clean
and rid the world of man,
except for righteous Noah,
his wife and all their clan.
So God told Enoch \"It\'s time to go\".
Then he reached down from Heaven and took Enoch\'s hand.