Poetries for pictures.

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 Edward Clower Sideline

Sometimes I\'m overwhelemed by all the suffering I see
I think the fight against the dark is just too much for me
Those days that I am weary and I feel like I could cry
I want to take the halo off and kiss this work goodbye

But when the night is darkest, and light seems about to fail
The Holy One reminds me that the dark will not prevail
Darkness, He reminds me, is the absence of the light
The only way it wins is if we run away from the fight

So once again, my halo on, I fly into the fray
and think of those who need the light to see another day
As long as I have breath I will not give in to the night
The darkness will be banished by the raging of the light

 puriie Sideline
There is an angel looking down.
Looking so sad into the ground.
Happiness and power sucked away.
Onley sorrow seems to stay.
Angel angel please don\'t be sad.
Look into the light and be glad.
Heaven and earth is always here.
To hear your thoughts.
To be your ear.
So angel please look up and smile.
For your the only one who can save a child.
Angel look up with happiness.
Please smile and let the sun gleam.
Please make a miracle fall upon you.
And suck up all the happiness around you.