Angel Academy

'The angel of love' written for the 4th exam.

  6 to 6 out of 6 Poetries  

 quincey Angel Academy
Such is the fate of love.
To watch them fly above all
above the highest birds
above the clouds
above our Father upon his golden throne.
To watch them fly straight into the Sun.
To watch them fall.
To watch their hearts crack against the asphalt,
like empty bottles shattering on the ground.
Their twisted bodies still clinging to eachother
for through all their pain they cannot let go.
Choking eachother and calling it devotion
killing eachother and saying 'I love you'
Such is the fate of love.

 Buttiel Angel Academy
love does not burrow itself into the halls under your ribcage
—digs roots like muscle into your gut, lights a hearth under the frameworks of your bones;
——peels away layers off your heart like shells of roasted chestnuts in winter, craving fingers stumbling mad,
says i am here, and i am alive
,and i am

— sometimes, it does not.

love is not divine metalwork aimed through the gate of your spine and into the bigger chamber;
—pierces through all your pretences, blooms in your chest cavity;
——leaks into your lungs and up your throat, heat and fury spilling from your lips and sticking to the roof of your mouth, and
all the answers;
says i am passion, and
here i burn
—and oh lord let me be fire.

there are days, under the sweltering summer sun
where you are sweaty, and
your muscles —sting, pull, rip and burn; pain is a firework lit up in your calves and shooting upwards —
sing out hymns, a creaking orchestra of mistuned strings and tone-deaf pianists,
praise and love and hallelujahs in
unbearable volumes.
this is the joy you cover your ears from,
trumpets have no business in a church, but more churches need the kind of business that trumpets roar about.
loud. too
much. too
— good.

this is the numbness in your hands in spite of the warm air;
this is gentle whispers and faerie kisses on the wind,
hitting your walls and crumbling,
rainbows breaking because you are all the wrong angles and they are only tricks of light and hopes and dreams and you are

honey this is all the love you could ask for,
asking for you
and you laugh.

there is a secret that I know:
love is something you can build.
love can be the heaviness in your shoulders and the slump of your body.
love can be 7 days work and you’ll sleep when you’re done.
you can make love out of dirt and clay and spit.

-- love does not. you do.

 Edward Clower Angel Academy
If you were a rose, I’d like to be the sky
I’d send you down my softest rain, like an angel’s lullaby.
I’d make the finest sunsets, to match your crimson hue,
And keep you in the moonlight while you sleep the whole night through.

If you were the ocean, I’d like to be the sand.
I would always meet you when your waves ran to the land.
Everywhere you wandered, I’d be everywhere you turned.
From the shores down to the depths, so you would never be concerned.

But you, you are a woman, and I am just a man.
I cannot cause the sun to shine, or support you like the sand.
But with all the strength within me, I will do what I can do.
My heart is all I have to give, but I give it now to you.

 Angel Angel Academy
Love brings the greatest sorrow
And the most beautiful delights
Times I can\'t wait for tomorrow
And it feels like eternal night
Hopeless to endure the pain
Inflicted deep into my heart
Love is the most evil bane
Sadness pierces me like a dart
But when I see you my heart soars
All of my sadness replaced by light
My wounds are mended, I am yours
When you touch me we take flight

 ainia Angel Academy
Harvests do require times of planting:
After months of labor comes the prize.
Peace arrives at evening, passion slanting;
Pleasure, deep and true, is no surprise.
Yet on the way, in moments of affection,
A glance can turn the heart to liquid gold.
No paradise has ever reached perfection,
Nor is love less rich as one grows old.
In love there is infinity and time:
Vast truths are glimpsed just past the ecstasy;
Each moment comes complete with wind and chime,
Reminding us of what it means to be.
Sing, then, of goals that discipline require,
And loves that years of loyalty inspire,
Revealing joys that over time accrue,
Yet are eternal, infinite, and true.

 Alara Angel Academy
An angel is looking through a window.
The angel of love – must be so.

His eyes are fixed on its next aim,
He just wants to help, that’s his claim.

It is love he is standing for.
The opposite of the angel of war.

A short moment and your minds are clear.
There is nothing you still have to fear.

Another time he has acted unasked,
But – whatever – that’s his task.