Archangel Academy

'Fallen angel Lucifer' written for the 4th exam.

  4 to 4 out of 4 Poetries  

 quincey Archangel Academy
Falling is...
Unsurprisingly scary.
We aren't supposed to fall, you know
With wings and all.
We aren't supposed to feel that rush,
Heartbeat quick, blood rushing to your brain
That soul-tearing

We aren't supposed to feel Fear.
We have light shooting from our fingertips,
Stardust leaving our lungs at every breath,
The sky is in our veins,
Fear is non existent.

But this ... thing
Crawling through my blood,
Entering me with every breath,
I can feel it infecting me
Every bone every limb every little fingertip
Corrupting my mind, my heart
My very being.

I am afraid

 Edward Clower Archangel Academy
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I hate everything
Especially YOU!

The sky is blue
The grass is green
I want to destroy all
that has ever been!

The ground is below
The sky is above
I want to kill you
and all whom you love!

A pigeon says \\\\\\\"cheep\\\\\\\"
A griffon says \\\\\\\"moo\\\\\\\"
I want to steal all
that is dearest to you!

I can only destroy
I cannot create
Even this gives no joy
For I only know HATE!

If you don\'t like my poem
You know where you can go
I stole it from someone else
Because that\'s how I roll!

 Far-bellas-gosta Archangel Academy
Fear and Fire
Living in me
It\'s not my desire
I just want to be free

Days are colder than I can imagine
Keep me in this dark dark world
Everyday I am searchin\'
Everyday I get hurt

Try to live here
Live here
Without fear
But second to second
The fire kills me with its wepon

Burning in my eyes
my skin
Burned by my own lies
And I know
I will never win

God has raised me out of heaven
Took all my magic
But one day, the 7.
And then, my punishment will be your tragic

 Alara Archangel Academy
All human beings are too naïve.
Unasked they believe in their faith.

God has created them a long time ago.
To indulge their fooling, yes that is so.

I’m among him but laughing while you are brave.
I will make you all to my salves.

Look at you how miserable you are.
More to give, he didn’t want so far.

You are suggestible, that is great.
For my revenge God just have to wait.

It’s his fault and his breakup.
That is the time we will stop.

Now come to me, all is fine.
In hell we’re getting hot with wine.