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As the angel of blasphemy I appear blasphemers to disabuse them. My tasks are the keeping of the faith and the keeping of authenticity in the doctrine of angels so that everybody is in the know of our acts.


  Risings and spells

There was a group of kids standing next to the street and telling that believing in God brings mischief about human beings. They gave examples like the crusade and burning of witches. I made them thinking a better theory. And so God blessed me an archangel.

Banish the blasphemy
Please answer my prayers
And make an end of tragedy
Please send the slayers

  As I became an angel...  As I became an angel...
The day God recognized that his creation called his work into question he knew, that he had to do something. The human beings discussed the possibility of his acting and soon they were in doubt about his existence. This should stop.
It was at the end of 17th century as God created me. Since then I’m known as the angel of blasphemy who puts a stop to blasphemer’s game. I had a long education for getting experience and attended a lot of angels on their ways. So I learned something about the way of thinking of unbelievers little by little until I went to earth alone.
I should stop it, but how, when your hands are tied? Sometimes I wanted to appear somebody, calling: “Tadaa, here I am. Are you still in doubt?” and then I was flew high up to the sky. But it is not allowed to do this. And so I’m still thinking in 21th century how to do it.
From time to time I give theologians ideas for conversations, but whatever they say they get the right answer back. It’s an everlasting seesaw.

  Private statement  Private statement
No, I don’t believe in angels because I don’t believe in God. I have never seen a supernatural instance and until then I won’t believe in it anyway. The faith in God may give the believers strength, but I think I can deal with the world without it as I ever did. It is not easy to find someone who is responsible for all, but why shout ‘God’ be? I think the makeshift should have a break.

Why angels should exist? Actually they are responsible for the order so that all is going on right in this world. They are Gods left-hand. Accepted angels would really exist, would the world not be better? I mean charity and something like that does not really exist, but angels would answer for it. But it’s a pity that I don’t believe in it and I can realize that life is not Christian in this spirit, maybe different as 400 years ago. But that’s open to dispute. Well, if you take a look on the history of Christendom it is better this way.
Let’s abandon the disagreement. If angels exist we could be glad to have them. No human brain is able to realize where they live because we don’t have that imagination. Somewhere out there angels would live in their own sphere, maybe they build this location with the power of their mind. I think angels live in paradise, but the paradise is not defined, it is just what you want it to be. But you can’t please everybody – I think angels are individuals, too – so that every angel has to create its own paradise. And if this is possible what do you want more than being an angel :)