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I am a Guardian. My mission is to protect the young and the vulnerable from cyber bullies and Internet predators.


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I do believe in angels. They are an important part of my personal theology. My personal theology is founded in Protestand Christianity, which is very specific in its support of the existence of angels. They are described in vivid detail, none of which coresponds to the popular conception of the standard human figure with a pair of wings and a harp dressed in white. Angels are frequently portrayed in the Bible as having a flaming sword, and sometimes as having four faces, only one the face of a man.

I have experienced interaction with angels, and have been in situations in which the only reasonable explaination for my survival was divine intervention.

I have no doubt that angels exist, and that they are occasionally found to interact with mortal humanity. They were created by the Lord of Heaven and Earth to carry out His will in the physical realm. Angels are an absolutely necessary part of the Divine structure of existence. They are servants of the Most High, and so not deserving of worship themselves, but should be respected as their status deserves. If I were an angel, I would spend most of my time in the heavenly realm, lifting up praise to the Lord of Heaven and Earth, and helping humanity in need to divine intervention. I don\'t think that I would be a messenger, as I don\'t have the excellent sense of direction required. I am a capable warrior, and would be honored to serve as such, but I was hoping my time as a warrior is finished. I spent two tours in Iraq, and I would like to lay down my weapons and cause no more suffering if I am found worthy. I do, however, have some capability with music, which I am honored to offer to the Most High if He should be willing to accept the humble gift I offer.